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Ashley Cozart & Alex McClanahan — Minted

Ashley Cozart


Alex McClanahan

Ashley Cozart and Alex McClanahan

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Our Story

Alex and Ashley met in medical school at the University of Central Florida in 2017. They were close friends at first, helping each other through grueling hours of studying with some fun mixed in between. Their friendship slowly budded into a romance. They spent the start of their relationship in Lake Nona, Florida, where they made amazing friendships, grew in their faith, and eventually accomplished their shared dream of becoming doctors.

Ashley's residency match then took her to Nashville, Tennessee, while Alex's match led him to Little Rock, Arkansas. While 350 miles apart, their hearts grew even fonder. After almost two years of distance and five years of dating, Alex surprised Ashley on the beach in St. Petersburg, Florida at the Don Cesar and proposed, surrounded by their closest family and friends. She said YES. Their romance has stood the test of time and long distance!

Alex and Ashley are excited to embark on this next chapter of their lives and to finally live in the same city. They are thrilled to celebrate with the amazing people that have been influential in their journeys both as individuals and a couple!